Spring 2019

Enacting Futures 

Experiential Futures
Speculative Design

As part of a workshop with Futurist Designer, Stuart Candy, we were tasked to create an experience to convey a plausible and more hopeful future in which trash is non-existent. We created a performance called “The Museum of Yesterday—” a fictitious exhibition in the year 2080 that showcased the experience of handling, viewing, and throwing away trash as if it was an artifact of the past. The exhibit had exhibition labels, an interactive trash station, and a performative “trash man.” Placing trash, on a pedestal behind tape that says "do not touch" gave the user the illusion that they could see a future where trash no longer exists and that the battle of climate change is a winnable scenario. It was like telling someone the ending of a story before reading it, giving them the keys to the future before having to walk it.

The performance is a form of speculative design, informed by the Thing of the Future card game—an ideation strategy often employed by NCSU students.

See The Future of Retail.

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